Sunday, April 25, 2010

Aleksandra Mir -2009 Venice Biennale

"The project entailed the design, printing and free distribution of one million postcards, to be given away to the general public during the 2009 Venice Biennale.

100 Originals x print run of 10.000 each = 1.000.000 total.

The 100 motifs depicted a variety of waterscapes from around the world, overlaid with a graphic that spelled out ‘Venezia’ in a variety of typical postcard styles. The generic photographs were sourced from a commercial online image bank, and a graphic designer collaborated on the typeface.

The work also involved the installation of two real Poste Italiane mailboxes with daily pickups and the selling of stamps in the exhibition area.

Thus the canals of Venice extended out into the world’s oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds. Venice in every molecule of the rain.

Politics as pollution rather than border control"

by Aleksandra Mir

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